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Roaming in Rome


This morning I boarded a flight from Heathrow to Rome. I love to travel but for the love of God, I’m probably more paranoid and get airsick than your average flight noob. This time however, 2 hours 30mins was actually doable! Yes, I still emerged from the flight as a zombie, but this time it was down to not having slept a good 24+ hours before hand.

As usual I try to cram every little thing I got up to in one blog post, and lets say 110% of the time it means the post never gets to be published. Sitting in my drafts, I still have Dubai, Japan, France, Greece and much more. So hey, if you want the best “What to see in Rome and how to go about doing it”, you should probably wait for that on my travel blog: .

But if you want some of my highlights, encounters or anything I really felt like sharing, well let me break it down for you because that’s exactly what’s comin your way (Real time or something close enough).

Today was my sister’s birthday so we took her to Rome, shout out to Shiv. Getting hear pretty late in the afternoon, we picked up our Omnia cards and pretty much just roamed the city.

Things I’ve noticed about Rome from today.

1. I have no idea how to cross roads without feeling like I’m about to be run over. Literally what code do they go by, I see cars still driving when the Green man is on. Huge roads with a pedestrian crossing time of 3 seconds. I’m not a demi-God, what walking speed are they expecting!?

2. They sell a really strange Fanta, I haven’t looked into it in more detail but I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not Fanta.

3. What is up with the strange weather today, did I bring it from the UK. It was meant to be sunny, not on and off giant droplets from the sky. It’s like the heavens were crying.
The sun finally came out again towards the end.


4. Why are so many cars really dirty, and I mean strangely dirty. The city is full of tumbleweeds and cars that look like they drove through an ash cloud.

5. There must be some magical app that helps you identify what bus and where you need to take it. Because I can’t find a magical map and the majority of roaming today was simply trying to find a bus stop that would take me to the destination I wanted.

6. These amazing pieces of art on the streets are actually done with stencils.



Hoping for some decent weather for photography tomorrow. More to come soon.