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My favourite Beauty picks

I’m not a beauty blogger, neither am I a make up artist, make up specialist or anything to do with sales in the industry. I’m just an ordinary make up loving human being / consumer.

From time to time I get a lot of family and friends asking me what products I use or would recommend etc. Who else would you trust than someone with no ulterior motive. Here’s a list of some of my favourite products or what I would say ‘must haves‘. I don’t use all of them daily, I like to mix it up with some other things not listed. But I really would recommend all of these items.

In no particular order:



Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation £29.50

As a woman of colour it can sometimes be VERY difficult to actually find my foundation shade. Makeup artists say I’m a sun kissed tan/beige with a yellow tint etc When you finally find your shade, sometimes the foundation is too cakey, not enough coverage or there’s always something wrong. I’ve been using Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation for the last few months and I actually love it (Converted my whole family.) My shade : Cashew

I sometimes switch between Benefit’s Hello Oxygen Flawless Wow in Toasted Beige. It gives a nice coverage and overall dewey look. The problem I experience is during the day when I touch paper or anything off white, my foundation seems to go on it. White clothes, my laptop, phone, you name it I’ve probably got traces of foundation on it. It happens no matter how many times I wash my hands (conclusion: I must touch my face a lot). But with double wear, as it says on the bottle, it stays in place. Foundation stains are really a thing of the past.


Clinique – Kohl Shaper for eyes £15.00

Sometimes you really want a Jet Black eyeliner, because ‘Black’ really isn’t black on half the eyeliners out there in the market. It’s really a dark Grey. The beauty of the Kohl Shaper for eyes is the colour and intensity, it’s also great for a smokey eye look. But my favourite part is the sharpener in the lid. I know some other brands have started doing this, but this eyeliner performs all round. You can even sharpen your other liners, so handy!