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vouglameni beach

(Vouliagmeni Beach, Above)

I found a nice picture of Athens with the location “Vouliagmeni”. So I told my taxi driver to take me to Vouliagmeni and this where he brought me. I should have said Vouliagmeni Lake! Which is a much nicer but it’s a very small lake, I’d say a large swimming pool.

23(Lake Vouliagmeni)

After my visit to the lake I went back to Athens to attempt souvenir shopping, Take II. Athens has a changing scenery where one minute you see an ancient column, then a really nice greek house, then a shabby abandoned one. All these can be found right next to one another.


History, Heights and Huge Boats.

cleaner hdr

The day began with eating breakfast and looking at this gorgeous view of Athens. The plan for today was to check out the Acropolis,see the port and as much of Athens in one day. I only have 2 and 1/2 days here, need to make the most of it !

acropolis hdr theatre

I’m not going to go in much detail about Athens because I’ve decide to leave that for my travel blog. I will update the the post with a link when its ready. But you’ll be able to find it on , alternatively click the photography tab in the navigation menu to go straight to my photography site.

acropo parthenon

I wasn’t entirely sure what to be expecting when I got to the Acropolis, I decided not to research too much into it because I wanted to be surprised. One of my favourite places in London is the British Museum, it’s a bit amusing how much of Greece is actually in there.


8 years and now I’m finally here.



After over 8 years since my failed Athens trip (The trip was cancelled because it was the first time it had snowed and they weren’t prepared for it on the runway.) I’ve finally made it to Athens. What started as being very bored in a lecture last week and ‘YOLOing’ a trip outside the UK actually materialised into something. Having done my Extended Project on Greek Myths and a historian at heart, I’m dying to see all the ruins.


My travel photography blog is always written in past tense, so trying to write this here and now is a bit unfamiliar to me. I’m currently staying at Athens Gate hotel, which was recommended by trip advisor. It’s nothing fancy, but it does have a really nice rooftop view (Photograph above). The hotel is right in front of the temple of Zeus, and looking up at the Acropolis.


My first impression of the city was… WHY IS THIS AIRPORT SO FAR AWAY. (Probably wasn’t, but I was just tired of sitting down on a flight.) But honestly, the city reminded me of Turkey (Or Istanbul since I’ve only been there in Turkey). I’ve noticed a drastic divide in Europe on the way buildings are designed. Athens has a lot of cemented buildings, almost looks 2nd world if I must say. I’m probably comparing it to the bricked buildings of London. Well it is dark here, so I can’t really say much about the city till tomorrow. Hopefully the day will be filled with a lot of exciting things to see. Good night!

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paintbrushiconI’ve been blogging for the last 8 years on a number of different blogs with a number of different names. So I finally decided to settle down and create a space where everything I love and do can go.

Hi I’m Krish, welcome to my lifestyle blog. I’m a perfectionist and have been trying to perfect my layout for this site for a while, but at this rate that’s all it will ever be. An empty site trying to be perfected. My life keeps changing and I keep discovering new things, so I thought I’d just jump in and make do with what I have.

I’m a Masters Business Economics Student living in London. In my spare time I’m a freelance photographer / world adventurer. I’m an Ex artist and part time graphic designer, full time Otaku. I love to shop and I’m currently working on launching my own clothing line. These are just a few things about me. Keep reading this site to find out more.

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