8 years and now I’m finally here.



After over 8 years since my failed Athens trip (The trip was cancelled because it was the first time it had snowed and they weren’t prepared for it on the runway.) I’ve finally made it to Athens. What started as being very bored in a lecture last week and ‘YOLOing’ a trip outside the UK actually materialised into something. Having done my Extended Project on Greek Myths and a historian at heart, I’m dying to see all the ruins.


My travel photography blog is always written in past tense, so trying to write this here and now is a bit unfamiliar to me. I’m currently staying at Athens Gate hotel, which was recommended by trip advisor. It’s nothing fancy, but it does have a really nice rooftop view (Photograph above). The hotel is right in front of the temple of Zeus, and looking up at the Acropolis.


My first impression of the city was… WHY IS THIS AIRPORT SO FAR AWAY. (Probably wasn’t, but I was just tired of sitting down on a flight.) But honestly, the city reminded me of Turkey (Or Istanbul since I’ve only been there in Turkey). I’ve noticed a drastic divide in Europe on the way buildings are designed. Athens has a lot of cemented buildings, almost looks 2nd world if I must say. I’m probably comparing it to the bricked buildings of London. Well it is dark here, so I can’t really say much about the city till tomorrow. Hopefully the day will be filled with a lot of exciting things to see. Good night!

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