The post card picture hunt

vouglameni beach

(Vouliagmeni Beach, Above)

I found a nice picture of Athens with the location “Vouliagmeni”. So I told my taxi driver to take me to Vouliagmeni and this where he brought me. I should have said Vouliagmeni Lake! Which is a much nicer but it’s a very small lake, I’d say a large swimming pool.

23(Lake Vouliagmeni)

After my visit to the lake I went back to Athens to attempt souvenir shopping, Take II. Athens has a changing scenery where one minute you see an ancient column, then a really nice greek house, then a shabby abandoned one. All these can be found right next to one another.

plaka graf

I should have gone to the Museum before going to the Acropolis, but I guess I am a bit backwards. But for anyone thinking of visiting the Acropolis, go to the Museum first. You’ll actually understand more about the things you’re seeing. I already have extensive knowledge on Greece and ancient history. Couldn’t say much for the people accompanying me.


Sneaky shot of the Museum


Lego Acropolis !


I wanted to buy a nice vase or pot for the house. The ones above are all above €1000 , the shopkeeper calls it an investment. I call it an investment with a very high risk if you were even going to consider it an investment.

Below is a store selling their pots at €300+ , depending where you buy you can get one as low as €35, but you will probably see a quality difference, or you might not. Only experts can really tell, for the ordinary person I’m guessing a pot is just a pot.


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